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Reduced nearside vehicle damage
Reduces vehicle damage to the rear
Can help reduce insurance premiums
Can reduce vehicle damage and downtime
Can cover multiple blind spots on a single monitor
Prevents reversing collisions with people, property or vehicles


Main features

  • Evolved wireless camera
    • ㆍ Delay time is less than 100ms. Existing products have a delay of more than 150ms for video transmission, so the risk of accidents is high because the monitor image is displayed later than actual.
    • ㆍ Provides enough concurrent usage environment to use 26 wireless channels(PAL can use 76ch) within 100m radius. No case that cannot be used in a parking lot or a truck terminal by signal confusion.
    • ㆍ Completely solved the problem of the wireless system from many noise / crosstalk occurred in factory, container wharf/ warehouse.
  • Complete wired and wireless combined camera system
    • ㆍ Provide for a trucks a special cable & harness that makes it easy to install all that a side camera for safe turn, rear camera with safe rear view during parking and driving and a cabin cameras for accidents.
    • ㆍ Where cable is difficult to install, wireless cameras can be used to support various installation environments.
  • Trigger generation and various monitoring screens
    • ㆍ The monitor can receive up to 3 trigger signals and provides various display modes depending on the trigger.
  • Ensures unlimited mobility and unlimited installation capabilities
    • ㆍ Wireless transmitters and cameras are powered by a compact mobile power pack, it can install the camera anywhere.
    • ㆍ The magnet can be attached to the camera bracket so it can be easily moved when necessary, and remove simply after use, preventing the theft of the product.
• Bus, Transit & RV

When driving a larger commercial or recreational vehicle on the road or in congested areas, the driver has the primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of the passengers, pedestrians and surrounding traffic. Large vehicles have blind spots around the front, back, and sides which make it difficult for the driver to driving safely. These areas create dangerous situations that lead to emergency braking, accidents, and property damage.
VSCS cameras help drivers see what’s around them allowing them to drive safer and prevent the risk of injuries and accidents. Just like commercial drivers, camping car drivers have to deal with congested campgrounds and recreational spots where operating is difficult and blind spots pose a serious hazard. VSCS is the high quality of its video safety systems. the cost is not high to ignore the potential dangers of not seeing what or who is around you.

• Construction/Mining

Few things cause more damage, injuries, and fatalities than heavy equipment on construction sites. Working on a jobsite crawling with heavy equipment can spell serious trouble. That’s why over-sized vehicles have plenty of visibility warning alerts for those working around them. Workers can become desensitize to safety procedures, warning signs, audible sirens and flagman. Heavy equipment operators armed with video cameras to maintain a constant awareness of blind spots have no problem steering clear of danger zones.
The surface mining equipment present significant hazards to workers in area of operation. Because of the operator’s restricted view, an operator may be unaware that persons are working near the unit, or the machine is headed for danger while backing, loading, hauling, or dumping.
Having a high rate of accidents and fatalities, it’s important that construction sites(or surface mines) use the most reliable, durable, and trusted safety equipment. VSCS provides just that with heavy duty, high performing, and waterproof video safety systems. Whether you need rear vision, side vision, or a combination of different views, VSCS can provide the vision you need with widest available.

• Fire & Rescue/EMS

Drivers of fire apparatus are called upon to deliver our first responders to the scene as quickly and safely as possible. Sirens, flashing lights, low visibility and environmental conditions can make driving emergency vehicles difficult at best. Spotters used for backing into the station or recollecting hose pose additional hazards for drivers. Safety cameras are essential for minimizing risk and maximizing visibility when seconds count. VSCS being used in conjunction with the mirrors on a vehicle allows the operator to see what’s going on behind and beside them so they can safely maneuver their rescue. Investing in the camera system that features an easy installation and a wide field of view will ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity - all the time.

• Pick Up & Delivery

Delivering their goods on time, regardless of weather and road conditions, traffic dangers and limited visibility, in addition to many other risks beyond their control, delivery drivers have much to contend with. Frequent backing or transporting dangerous materials or fragile goods requires extra care and responsibility. Blind spots, especially to the rear, pose safety risks to drivers and others on the route. Safety cameras help drivers see what’s around them allowing them to stay focused and alert.

• Refuse Collection & Landfill

Operating large garbage trucks in difficult spaces and places can be extremely hazardous. Pulling out from residential and city curbs and monitoring what’s being collected add to the every-stop demands placed on the driver.
With the use of safety cameras, drivers can eliminate blind spots and be watchful of the surroundings, workers, pedestrian. Investing in VSCS system that features an easy installation and a wide viewing area will allow your drivers to see what’s around them improving their ability to maneuver safely, ensuring the safety of your people and the people and property in the community’s you serve.


Trucks & trailers application

  • Due to the wide turning radius of oversize trucks, it is possible to avoid accidents in blind spots that can not be seen by a mirror when turning left or right.

  • It is possible to eliminate the phenomenon of invisible low objects from heavy trucks with high driver’s seats.

  • While backing up, it can see the rear clearly so that the accident can be prevented, and driver can check situation behind while driving, which is helpful for safe driving.

Forklift application
  • While loading and unloading a cargo on an invisible height shelf, the exact position can be determined by the camera attached to the fork position.

  • It is difficult to install a camera with a cable in a moved fork. However, VSCS is simple and easy to install because it allows to install a wireless camera with a small battery.

  • A camera installed all around back and front, which can prevent negligent accidents within work areas.

    When backing up, it can see the situation behind, which helps to prevent accidents of other workers.

Rear view cameras & monitors


- Wide View 120˚ (2.9mm) / 90˚ (3.6mm)
- 8pcs of 850nm IR LEDs
- 650 TV Lines
- WaterProof (Certify IP 68 / IP 69K)
- AGC, AWB, Auto Iris


- 1/3” Color CMOS
- Input voltage DC12V
- Low Power consumption
- Wide View 163.8˚
- Ultra Miniature Camera
- WaterProof (Certify IP 68)


- 7” Digital Panel(1,152,000 Pixels).
- Auto Brightness Sensor
- Side Button
- Built-in Parking Guideline
- Screen Flip and Mirror function
- Display Formats:16:9, 4:3
- Ready 2CH, Split, Quad
- Suitable for Rear View System
- Waterproof Monitor IP69K
- Casing Material: Aluminum


- 7” Digital Panel(1,152,000 Pixels).
- Auto Brightness Sensor
- Side Button
- Built-in Parking Guideline
- Screen Flip and Mirror function
- Display Formats:16:9, 4:3
- Ready 2CH, Split, Quad
- Suitable for Rear View System
- Waterproof Monitor IP69K
- Casing Material: Aluminum

Wireless RX / TX module


- Smart Modulation 16QAM,QPSK,BPSK
- Long Distance Over 200m using 3dBi Ant
- High Resolution 720x480(NTSC), 720x576(PAL)
- Short Latency 90~120ms
- Fast Hopping Rate 600
- Multi Channel 26ch(NTSC), 76ch(PAL)
- One way Audio MP3 or PCM format
- Waterproof (Certify IP 69K)